Allnodes staking and hosting services are built on a highly secure and state-of-the-art platforms that inssures the heighest of services that host validators can offeres to their uses. With the highest SLA of 99.9%, it allows its uses to enjoy free maintenance and updates, with free node monitoring, and alerts related to rewards, as well as additional, multi-level, privacy and keys protection opportunities.

Allnodes is currently hosting 33156 nodes and counting with the total value of $1,6 Billion.

When you stake, your coins stays on your wallet and their service requires your wallet address only.

Total staked

467,494,679,439 LUNC (as of writing)

Min. Stake


LUNC price

$0.00028 (as of writing)

Delegated to us

93,497,395,943 LUNC (as of writing)

Our node rank

1 / 93

Our Commission


Unbonding Period

21 days


42.48% (as of writing)

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