What are pump events?

These are events where everyone decide to buy a token to make it skyrocket, in order to make great % in few minutes.

How much can you earn?

The percentages they usually do range from +400% (5x) onwards, our record was +5800% (59x), so you know the potential gain that can be done.

So how does it work?

The tokens that we will pump will be available for purchase on Pancakeswap, when a pump is announced, just buy the coin at that time and sell it a few minutes later when the profit you have made satisfies you. The coin will also be shilled in different groups during the pump.

Detailed guide to purchase during our pumps (with METAMASK wallet)

Since our pumps are carried out on Pancakeswap.finance which is an exchange that works by connecting your wallet to it, you will first need to create the Metamask wallet which will then be connected to Pancakeswap so that you can buy during the pumps. Here’s what you need to do if you have money on Binance or similar exchanges and want to participate in one of our pumps:

1) Download Metamask on mobile or pc (for pc write Metamask on google and for mobile just install the app).

2) Once you have downloaded Metamask you will need to add the BINANCE SMART CHAIN ​​- BEP 20 network (By adding this network you will be able to send the funds to this wallet).

To add bsc network follow this tutorial:

PC: https://youtu.be/Z3kareXy_vo

Smartphone: https://youtu.be/b8cWWyCaZl

3) When you have added the network, send BNBs (by copying the address you find on Metamask above) with the network (Binance Smart Chain – BEP 20) from another exchanger such as Binance.

4) Well, now you have the BNBs on your Metamask wallet, now go to Pancakeswap.finance/

5) At the top right you will find the word “connect wallet”; Connect your Metamask wallet

6) Once the wallet is connected, go to the “Exchange” section of Pancakeswap

7) On the “exchange” section you will find “From” where you will put the BNB and the amount you want to buy in the pump and “To” where it says to select a coin, there you will paste the contract of the coin that we will give.

How to sell?

To sell it will be enough to do the reverse by setting the BNB below and the maximum amount of tokens you have bought previously above and then click swap! by doing so you will have successfully sold the pump tokens for BNB.

ℹ️ If you plan to participate with your smartphone then you can use Metamask (Android, iOS), Trust wallet (Android, iOS), Safepal (Android, iOS). Safepal is recommended for iOS users since new trust wallet update doesn’t allow iOS users to use dapp.

🚨Before each pump there will be a countdown, we will give you all the parameters to buy such as slippage/gas fee and finally the coin contract with the chart link to see the trend in real time.

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