First let’s discuss, what is CoinMarketCap diamond is and why you need it.

The CoinMarketCap Diamond is a reward given to the loyal users of CoinMarketCap and this diamonds can be use to spend in buying NFTs, avatars and mystery boxes and more as the website said.

To earn diamond, you need to be active every day by logging into the website, participating in airdrops and making price predictions.

To start accomulating your diamonds, here is the steps on how you do it manually. At least for now.

  • Login to and click the blue diamond at the upper right of the page.
    CoinMarketCap Diamond at the upper-right of the page.

  • After the page is reloaded, you will see your current diamonds. Mine is:My CointMarketCap Diamons as of writing.

  • To collect your diamonds, scroll down a bit on the same page and click the highlighted one, like so, and click Collect Diamonds.
    Collect your diamonds every day

  • After clicking, solve the puzzle when it pop-up.
    Solve the puzzle

  • Click OK on the confirmation dialogue.
    Click OK on the confirmation dialogue.
  • Now, you can collect additional diamonds until this count-down timmer ends.Count-down timmer.
  • While waiting, you can start collecting by completting tasks.Complete other tasks

Can you exchange this diamonds into fiat? For now, it is not possible, but who knows may be in the future, right?

If you know any news about CoinMarketCap diamonds offer, comment down below so we can update this blogpost.

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